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About collar closet

collar closets is inspired by our love of the giant dogs. We make big collars for big dogs that are super strong and really good looking. As a beautiful alternative to leather or chain, our beautiful dog collars are hand sewn with premium fabrics, super strength strapping, heavy duty buckles, and welded rings for maximum durability. We have majestic prints, sweet puppy patterns, and durable outdoor canvas fabrics for working dogs. We make buckle and martingale styles that fit adult dog up to 40” neck size. We also know how fast large breed puppies grow and make highly adjustable, super durable puppy collars up to 16”.

Made especially for large and giant breeds collar closet. Collars are super strong and really good looking.

Heavy Duty Buckles

collar closet collars are made with heavy duty YYK premium buckles. These side release buckles are super strong and guaranteed to be heat and cold resistant

Welded Rings

We use welded, nickel plated steel rings for high tension durability and weather résistance.

Triple Stitch

We use a triple stitch in three consecutive lines around the D-Ring. This ensures the point with the most tension stays secure and has a triple back up secure hold. Other connections points are sewn with an X-Box for the strongest hold.

Flat ID Pockets

Available on our 2” wide collars, a Flat ID pocket provides a weather resistant pouch for your dog’s identification such as Name, Phone, Microchip and Rabies numbers, and Emergency Contact in case she gets away from you. This optional pocket eliminates the need for dangling tags which are not only noisy, but also pose a hazard in getting caught on branches, AC floor vents, and fencing. A safety feature that also makes it easy for neighbors to reunite you and your dog!